The first steps in my Life Reimagined

Being on The Other Side of Sixty definitely brings new challenges as well as, yes, new rewards. The latter has much to do with, as Stacy London so eloquently put it recently, “my having fewer fucks in my trouser pockets to care about.” The challenges come when the fucks that I do care about rear their nasty little hydraheads. Thus, when AARP approached me to do a trial of their Life Reimagined program, I saw it as an excellent opportunity to hear some fresh voices other than the ones already droning on in my own head. I’ve spent the past month trying out the many parts of Life Reimagined, and what follows is a function of the real time and written advice I got from the program.

Getting Older, Getting Better with AARP’s Life Reimagined

my_lifemapI have been thinking and writing–and therefore thinking about writing–about this aging trip we’re (I’m) on for almost ten years now. Yikes! And yikes again! In that time I’ve changed physically–oh, let me not count the ways–and emotionally. The person who started back in 2007 was full of piss and vinegar, hammering at the door of Web 2.0 to let those of us not still nubile and fertile have a place on the stage. I’d like to say that today, the woman who runs this site, The Other Side of Sixty, is calmer, more controlled, and surer of where she’s going.

But that would be a lie.

Sigma Tau Alpha STS, the venerable Greek House

The venerable Greek house
The venerable Greek house

I recently–okay, today–was asked to participate in an promotional campaign, but first I had to give them the numbers for my Impressions and Unique Visitors.

I can’t. This is a sorority I don’t belong to–the venerable Greek House of Sigma Tau Alpha TS. Once I did belong, but depledged when I started The Other Side of Sixty. I wanted to see what it felt like to only blog when i wanted to (or, yes, occasionally when someone was paying me a lot) without consideration for who, what, when, why and whether anyone was reading me.