iphone5s5cOh, you mean I’m supposed to delete the emails on my iPhone? You mean that the reason my old iPhone may have been so–what’s the word I want here?–oh yes, recalcitrant is because there were over TWENTY THOUSAND EMAILS on it. I now will be spending all my spare time (which is, frankly, more plentiful than my spare change) going through each of those 20K+ and deleting them.

I would like to delete the people who send them to me as well. Yes, I’m looking at you, multiple heads of the hydra called the Democratic Party. Multiple times a day (for each multiple head) I get URGENT messages from someone in the party to warn me about Boehner or the GOP or the Koch Brothers. It’s always a plea to send money. $5 or $10 or more if you can afford it will kill whatever the issue du jour is. Yeah, right. Remember the story about the boy who cried wolf? I’m just ignoring you no matter how dire the headline. And now I deleting your emails as well.



Blue stone & silver bracelet. When I buy gem stones for my jewelry-making, I always keep the package label so I can authoritatively describe the piece. I just can’t always find where I’ve kept that label.
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Lemon cucumber. Peeled by me in a single peel, grown by me as well.  The endless peel from a lemon cucumber. I have been trying to achieve this feat –peeling a vegetable in a single move–every since I read about it in The Five Little Peppers & How They Grew. I believe it was apples that were being peeled in the 1880 children’s book. I probably read the 1930s version because my mother was a good one for buying elderly books at the used book store. This had to be some time in the ’50s. So for some sixty years, I have harbored this ambition but, lo!, I have now satisfied it. Life is good.

 Peanut Dacquoise platedWhen I get a certain kind of fed-up-with-whatever, my immediate thought is, “What can I eat that I shouldn’t ?” The tone in my head is “I’ll show them….” Then I think, “How stupid. Who do I think I’m showing? And what do I think I’m showing?” Like there’s someone else inside me that will be “served right” by my eating something “sinful” (usually chocolate) in order to get even with something entirely different that has pissed me off? Now that’s maturity for you.


Beyond-MLB4Six months ago, when I pulled the plug on MidLifeBloggers as it had existed, I wasn’t sure what this thing I was calling Beyond MidLifeBloggers: The Other Side of Sixty would be. When I started MidLifeBloggers back in 2007, I was responding to the ubiquity of the youth- and mommy- oriented internet. I envisioned my site as a gathering place for all of us, no matter our age, who identified as being in the middle of our lives, a place for our experiments in recreating ourselves as we moved through middle age. Then I was  more or less a lone voice speaking to and for those who identified as being in midlife. Today, however, there are a number of sites offering community and counsel as well as a platform for expression to bloggers in their 50s. The midlife community continues to grow and is now incredibly well-served. But for those of us in our 60s and beyond? Not so much? [click to continue…]


Crisis Response Team ID photo Crisis Response Team ID photo

This is the photo taken for my ID pass for the L.A. Mayor’s Crisis Response Team . It is, basically, a mug shot. However, the photographer Robert Berg is brilliant at getting people to stop saying cheese and look like  human beings who are warm and worth knowing. He did this for every person in the class. Really, the guy is a genius.

Of course, my mother would tell me to push my hair out of my eyes.