The Weekly Rant: Raley’s, BelAir, and NobHill markets

by Jane Gassner

Those stores are all one and the same, operating under the umbrella of Raley’s.  It’s a Northern California chain of markets and I don’t know about now, but once there was a Mr. Raley.  Actually, I once dated a nephew of Mr. Raley, but that is a story for another time and medium (probably where I’m whispering in your ear).  I don’t know who owns Raley’s now.  I don’t know who is responsible for their latest advertising campaign.  I do know that said campaign sucks in multiple ways; let me count them….

1. Yet another company jumping on the Mom bandwagon.  You can just hear the marketers ’round the water cooler:

“Moms.  That’s the latest buzz word.  Use it and your business will grow.”

“Moms.  What do they know?  They’re just women, girls really, but somehow they got to control all the family expenditures, so we gotta reach them.”

“Moms.  All women are moms and if they’re not, they should be or there’s something wrong with them.  When we talk to women, we’re talking to moms.  Right?”

“The maternal urge is such that it can be manipulated with just a modicum of effort.  The demographic known as Moms are typically unappreciated.  Thus, if we make them think we appreciate them, we can only benefit from their boundless gratitude.”

2.  I shop[ped] at Raley’s.  It’s my local supermarket, I used to feel quite loyal, even when their prices were somewhat higher and their produce somewhat lower than the competing supermarkets.  But they broke up with me.  It’s a Mom’s world, Raley’s says, and since I’m not a mom, obviously it’s not my world.  They don’t want my business?  Okay, fine–I’ll take it to Henry’s or Nugget or Trader Joe’s or one of the big supermarket chains in Northern California.

3.  See this post for someone else who is turned off by this new ad program from Raley’s.

I hate the way the Mom thing is driving advertisers to create an ethos in which nothing but maternity exists.  I can even argue that it’s just another form of sexism: put the little lady in her place, which is barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen cooking all the food she’s bought at Raley’s where It’s A Mom’s World.  Strip away all the hoohah, the pink and the blue, the booties and the pacifiers, and what you’ve got is a world in which women are valued for what their ovaries do and their wombs produce.  The converse of that is….

4. If your ovaries aren’t working and your womb isn’t producing, then you really are limited in what you’re contributing to our grand American way of life.  Should you be taking up space on our planet?  Might not we be better off without your consuming air.  Doesn’t it seem just that the greenest way of life is that lived only by the fertile?

Maybe these questions are best directed to the new ad agency that Raley’s hired in February.  Wanna contact them: here’s the link.

As for me, I paid my last visit to Raley’s today.


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