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Yesterday I noodled around my house all day, feeling mopey, fed-up, and generally at odds with the world.  I had a thing to go to last night —“TableTalk: The Region’s Food Community Comes Together for an evening of Lively Discussion”— but the way I felt, I was going to bag it.  Nothing fit, my hair looks like shit, and living in Elk Grove is killing me slowly.

However, I had committed to going and the thing, which was sponsored by Sacramento Connect, the Bee’s regional blog and website network, and Sacramento Press was sold out, for heaven’s sake.  If I bagged it, some other worthy foodie would have been denied in vain.  So I sucked it up (literally) to throw on some jeans and a roomy (i.e., too big) shirt, gave my hair a swipe or two and went to event.

I’m glad I did.

I can’t remember the last time I’ve been so jazzed about blogging.  There were three parts to the evening, two of which were equally fascinating panel discussions.  The first, led by the Bee’s Chris Macias, featured Bee food writer Niesha Lofting, blogger Catherine Enfield of Munchie Musings, and Yelper Micah Rousey.  Then the Bee’s senior writer, Allen Pierleoni, led a panel discussion with John Paul Khoury, a corporate chef with Preferred Meats, Inc., Kelly McCown, the executive chef at Ella and Rick Mindermann, store director at Corti Brothers. The third part of the evening (pictured above) was paella, courtesy of the Source Global Tapas Restaurant in Granite Bay.

What made the evening such a high for me?  It was about writing and food, food and blogging, eating and writing, cooking and blogging, writing and cooking and all the other permutations of those activities.   I’ve always been a foodie, but that interest seems to be foregrounded in my work these days.  You can see it here on MidLifeBloggers, but also a number of my weekly columns for Elk Grove Patch have focused on food, including the two most recent on being a flexitarian and the Elk Grove Farmer’s Market.

These days, the two things that will always perk me up are writing and cooking.  There is something about crafting a well-worded, thoughtful piece and then sharing it with my community that just makes me happy.  Similarly, playing in my kitchen, putting this ingredient and that flavor together in some new way is–well, it’s play, and it too makes me happy.

All of which is to say, I’d be crazy–and in the dumps again–if I didn’t pay attention to the message last night was giving me.  I don’t yet know how it will manifest itself.  Maybe for now I’ll just collect all the posts on Food and Recipes that I’ve written over the past six plus years that I’ve been blogging in one place on the site.  I’ll let you know.


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