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New thing of the site, I should say.  I’m starting a regular weekly feature wherein I hand-over, i.e. share with you, things that have struck me as eminently sharable. Like–books, movies, blog posts, magazine articles, videos, etc etc etc.  If you want to know what it’s like to spend some time in my head, you’ll get a sense of that here.  So for this week:

  • Shameless self promotion:  My column this week, enticingly entitled, “Riding the Beat With EGPD”, narrated my day in a squad car seeing the other side of Elk Grove.  I find it “interesting”, not to mention maddening, that no one felt compelled to comment on this post, as opposed to the brouhaha and name-calling  that my first column about Elk Grove Police Department engendered.  Was it because, perchance, I had nothing but nice things to say about the cops this time?  What does it say about our citizenry that they are only motivated  by disagreement?
  • My idea of flower arranging is to plunk a bunch of blooms into some sort of vessel containing water.  I then squint and look sideways as I assure myself that my creation is worthy of a table top.  If you’re a bit more creative–and, okay, picky–than that and your main source of flowers is the supermarket, you’ll want to check out Christopher Petkanas article, “Bud-wise”,  in the latest issue of T, The New York Times Style Magazine.
  • I am in the midst of letting my hair grow out from the ghastly dye job that left me looking like I’d been dipped in India ink.  My gray, which is, I’ll have you know, silver is just at my temples and a streak in my bangs and for years I just left it to its own devices.  Then a bout of Sudden Onset Fear of Aging (SOFA) hit me and I succumbed to a series of those permanent color kits that the drug store sells.  Perhaps it was a hormonal spike concurrent with my SOFA that created the India ink effect.  Whatever, it had to go, but my patience was not all that it should have been and midway through the grow-out, I threw on yet  another coloring agent, and this one turned my gray (silver) a shade of pink that I’ve only seen before on poufy-haired widows from Miami.  I got some solace from my advance copy of Color Me Gray: Inspirational Stories From Women Gone Gray, an e-book which is being published on June 1.
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