New Year’s Eve

I’ve just trawled through the MidLifeBloggers archives in search of New Year’s Eve posts from years past.  There are none.

Why not? I’m not sure.  Perhaps I’m ambivalent about New Year’s Eve, as I am about all those holidays that demand some public display of something.  My life has rarely lent itself to the traditional celebration, at least as the rest of the world seems to see it.  Even the years that I started off on the right foot, somehow I got tripped and fell off Whoopee-Celebration boat.  

STOP.  Right.  There.  Those italicized sentences above?  That’s me doing that thing I do, where I portray myself as a sad sack clown.  I laugh, you laugh, and we all walk away entertained.

Except–it’s not particularly true.  My New Year’s Eves certainly don’t match those constructed by directors of champagne commercials, but they have evolved over time to suit me.  I do or don’t buy something(s) special to eat and drink.  I do or don’t watch TV or a movie.  I do or don’t stay up till midnight.  I am or am not alone.

Moreover, I am or am not one of thousands, nay millions who spends December 31st in a similar fashion. So why do I roll so freely into the sad clown bit?  It’s easy.  It’s familiar.  Ease + familiarity = comfort.

But if you believe, as I do, that the stories we tell about ourselves create our reality, then I’m not doing myself a service if I persist in this story. Not only that, it’s a helluva way to start the New Year.


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  • Shani Ferguson

    I like to stay in with my champers.

  • Barbara Younger

    I’ve got a New Year’s Eve post:

    I love New Year’s Eve–those last few moments of the old year and the first few of the new. Happy 2012 everybody!

    • Jane

      I’m going right now to read your new post. And everyone else should too!

  • Lisa

    I’ve realized over the years that I actually prefer staying in on New Year’s Eve. Earlier today at work, several of us were saying the same thing, but that we all might end up going out because we’re “supposed” to. I haven’t decided yet, but at the moment nothing seems as good to me as staying in and watching a good movie. Happy New Year to you Jane! : )

    • Jane

      It’s that “supposed to” thing that gets us every time, isn’t it, Lisa? God, we’re such good girls!!!

      Happy New Year to you too!

  • Pjpusser3

    I don’t think I ever went to a party that I liked. My best New Year’s Eves have been spent in the company of one or two friends and my husband. A lovely dinner wouldn’t hurt with some wine and if you really want to shack my tree a great movie. This year I’m doing my taxes. Go figure.

    • Jane

      Oh how I wish I had your love of doing taxes! Maybe I should make that a New Year’s resolution. Can you make a resolution to love something????

  • Snap! Websites

    Interesting… one of the main reason for not going out is that (1) it’s generally dangerous, many more drunk drivers, and (2) I really don’t enjoy alcohol. Plus I don’t see that staying in is a bad thing. Oh! And I already don’t have TV. 8-)

  • Joanna Jenkins

    You are so right… About creating our own reality– At least that’s what I’ve been telling myself lately. I’m trying to figure out how to “put on the happy face” and actually mean/feel it rather than just pretend or think I’m supposed to be what marketers try to tell me I should be.

    Here’s wishing you and all of us a truly HAPPY and HEALTHY 2012, Jane. Thanks for all your great writing. I always enjoy stopping by.


    • Jane Gassner


      Is there an interim mode between “put on a happy face” and “sad clown”? Maybe “stalwart and serious”.

      Happy New Year to you too, and thank YOU for all the wonderful comments you leave!

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