Maybe I Don’t Need to Photoshop Myself

UPDATE: Here’s one of the photos taken by a Professional Photographer. What’s the verdict?

MidLifeBloggers at the ocean MidLifeBloggers at the ocean

I have discovered the Blemish erase tool on iPhoto.

Photo on 5-9-13 at 1.06 PM Before Photo on 5-9-13 at 1.06 PM After

Voila! No under-eye bags. Now if there was only a Bad Hair fixer tool.

I’m posting these as an exercise in Immersion Therapy. Over the past week or so, I have had several occasions where a Professional Photographer (caps intended) was taking my photo for the purposes of–well, of registering that I was at an event. And maybe, at least in one case, so that I would have a Professionally Taken Photograph to use as my avatar on-line.

Instead of this one:Photo on 2009-12-01 at 14.13 #2

Which was taken several years ago, by me, with my MacBook iPhoto camera. Why am I wearing glasses? To cover the bags under my eyes. Why is my chin resting on my hand? To cover my I-Hate-My-Neck.

I don’t really hate my neck and really, the bags under my eyes are not that bad. It’s just that seeing a photo of myself these days brings me face to face (yes, really) with the fact that I no longer look like this:

Class of ’66, Peabody High School, Pittsburgh 

Which is definitely how I see myself in my mind’s eye. Which is why it is such a shock when my mind’s eye and the literal photograph eventually meet.

All of this is what is racing through my mind when a camera is pointed in my direction. Oh–and suck in the gut, straighten shoulders, stand sideways, hand on hip, feet in second position.

And smile–which brings on it’s own torrent of advice from photos past. “I love when you laugh with your mouth open” “Close your mouth, you look like a braying donkey” “Just be natural” “Smile, for chrissake, don’t grimace!” “You look so sad and serious.”

However–I cannot accept this. Others may wage war for world peace, I take up my arms to wrestle myself into a state of relaxation such that if I cannot take a true Beauty Shot, then at least I will have a Decent Picture.

Can you help? Have you any good advice? Helpful Hints? Tactful tips? What do you do when the camera is pointed at you? And do you like the result?


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