The Quotidian: December 23-28…

IMG_2200…in which I babble about anything and nothing, but maybe sometimes something.

It is Monday, December 23rd. I have just wiped down the fridge prior to bringing home a whacking great prime rib roast to cook for my family on Wednesday. I can’t remember the last time I cooked a standing rib roast. Maybe in 1968, the summer I was a new bride and had a generous food budget? Standing rib roast is what my mother always made for Christmas dinner, which is why I’m making it too. Except I haven’t a clue what she did with it–and she’s not exactly here for me to ask. Something about onions, I know. And garlic? Heaven forbid that garlic should waft even near the nose of my father. Except when he was eating out and didn’t realize there was garlic in his food. So no garlic. Salt? Pepper? ??? I’m going to wing it with the help of Bon Appetit et al.

December 25th – The roast is in the oven…now it’s out…now it’s being carved…sheesh, it’s bloody. Is this what they mean by Medium Rare?

December 26th – Put the leftovers to cook some more in the over. Cooked them some more and then some. Is this what they mean by Well Done?

December 27th – Gnawed on the bones of the well-done rib roast. Too much salt. When they say to salt the rib roast all over, shouldn’t they give you some sort of measurement or at least a visual guide?

December 28th – One rib of the original rare rib roast left. I will delicately cook it this afternoon, hoping to at last get that perfect state of roast medium rareness. If I fail, the question must be: should I try again (only this time paying less that $29 a pound for Prime)…or should I give up and go back to bologna sandwiches.





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