Writers Workshop

MidLifeBloggers Writers Workshop is being revised.

Jane Gassner’s Writing Workshop: FAQs

The Workshops begin in three weeks. 1. How big are these workshops? Not big at all. Small, in fact. No more than five writers in each of the two Hangouts (afternoon and evening) per the three time zones. That means when you sign up, you need to choose your time zone and your time of […]

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Announcing…The Writing Workshop starts again.

The experience was so much more profound than what I am feeling from this page….Great description of what participants get but does not depict the magic that happens.

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My Writing Process: The Blog Tour

When people ask me why I write, I tell them, because I can’t not write. I suppose I could clothe my motivations in something glorious like, “it’s how I make sense of the world,” but while true….

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Creating Characters That Live

As a writer, I can’t explain this phenomenon. I know that characters are my imagination, but the moment they come to me, it’s like they’re real and they let me live their lives through words.

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Taking Notes & the MidLifeBloggers Writers Workshop

The MidLifeBloggers Writers Workshop, which is starting this Monday, is going to take place almost wholly on Google Drive. I like to think of Google Drive as our private meeting room, a lounge of sorts, that we can go to wherever and whenever we please.

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