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Write Right Tutoring

Part II of my new venture; Part I to follow:
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You’re a newly minted high school graduate or a mature student going back to get your degree. Either way, what makes you nervous about your college days ahead is the idea of all that writing you’re going to have to do.

I can help:

I’m an experienced writing teacher at the college level with advanced degrees in English. That means I’m fluent in English-speak, so I can translate your history prof’s instructions about required papers and demystify all of your college composition writing classes.

  • I can help you with a little–say, copy edit your final draft
  • Or I can help you with the wholeshebang–from brainstorming a topic to developing the final version of your written paper.
  • I can help you with just one paper in one class
  • Or I can guide you through an entire course.

What I won’t do is write the paper for you…
What I will do is teach you essay-writing strategies that will serve you through your entire academic career and beyond.

I charge $45 an hour and I’m available in the Los Angeles area or via video chat. See my full resume at LinkedIn or contact me at byjane(at)gmail(dot)com.

Writing Workshop: Specifics & Signup

  • JGwriting workshop logoten week, on-line, interactive small group writing workshop that focuses on the psychodynamics of the writing process
  • When: May 17- July 19, 2014
  • Hangout Times: 1 p.m. or  7 p.m. EDT, CDT, and PDT
  • Who: Writers of all genres and experience looking for an expert to coach, console, motivate, educate and in all ways help them realize their potential as writers
  • How: I post a “lecture” once a week that we discuss online via Google Drive. There are two homework assignments, one short and one more formal piece of writing. We meet every week in a Google Hangout for an hour or so, which is the real time workshop experience, where we share and discuss the written assignments.
  • About Me: I have a unique background that informs my teaching of writing: On the one hand, I’ve been a working writer all my life with publications in major magazines such as Redbook and Ladies Home Journal which means I understand what it feels like to be a writer as well as what how the business works. In addition, I’ve had years of experience teaching writing of all genres to students of all levels, so I understand both the pedagogy and the practicalities of teaching writing. Finally, I use my theoretical and practical work as an M.A. in psychology to understand what I call the the Psychodynamics of Writing. All of this is why I think of myself as a writers midwife.
  • Cost: $300 for the ten-week session.

Spaces are limited to five per time and time zone. To sign up, you must decide which time zone–Eastern, Central, Pacific–and which time of day–1 p.m. or 7 p.m. 
I accept Paypal (

Time Zones & Times

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Jane Gassner’s Writing Workshop: FAQs

JGWW logoThe Workshops begin in three weeks.

1. How big are these workshops?

Not big at all. Small, in fact. No more than five writers in each of the two Hangouts (afternoon and evening) per the three time zones.

That means when you sign up, you need to choose your time zone and your time of day. When the five slots in that combination are full, the class is closed.

2. Is there a lot of homework?

I don’t think so, but “a lot” is a relative term. There are 3 things you’ll be responsible for:

a. reading and responding on-line to my Written Lesson. This is very informal. It’s more of  a back and forth conversation among all the workshop members

b. a short answer, thought-provoker that relates to the lesson

c. a formal piece of writing you do in response to the prompt given at that lesson. You will read this to the group during the Hangout.

3. Is there a schedule I can count on?

Yes. I post the Written Lesson on-line on Saturday of each week. Your first homework is due the following Monday. Your second homework is due on Wednesday. The Hangouts are on Thursday. There is a Syllabus that I will send to you after you sign up.

4. Are there any requirements as far as writing or publication experience?

No. The intimacy of the workshops allow writers of all levels of experience to participate fully.

5. I’m working on a specific project. Will I be able to work on that in the Workshop?

If it fits into the scheme of the Workshop, yes. Let’s talk about this before you sign up.

If you’re interested, email me at or leave a Comment on this post.