Writers Workshop

MidLifeBloggers Writers Workshop is being revised.

The MidLifeBloggers Writers Workshop Returns

The simple fact is I know the power that comes from being able to communicate in writing. To commandeer one’s thoughts, to harness one’s emotions, to find the words and the syntax that drives them straight into a reader’s mind: it is, I believe, the ultimate power, far greater than physical prowess or financial.

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Wednesday Writers Workshop: Writing No Matter What

I dare you to raise your hand if you’ve never sat in front of the screen or paper and just thought, shoulders slumped, I don’t wanna.

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Wednesday Writers Workshop: The Paris Review Interview

No, not the actual Paris Review.  MidLifeBloggers version of it, which focuses on those parts of the Interview that we remember the most: the what do you write with and when do you write questions. I got the idea for this after reading some of Sarah Piazza’s postings on her new blog.   She used […]

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Blind Point &Write Exercise: Watching Watches

Watches:  I don’t wear one anymore.  I haven’t in years since the Anne Taylor my mother bought me duty-free on a  plane to England lost its stem winder and my Palm Pilot took over its timekeeping duties.  I’ve moved from Palm to iPhone and find my need to tell time is still satisfied by my […]

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Wednesday Writers Workshop: The Blind Point & Write Exercise

Here’s a quicky for you:  Pick up the book or magazine that is closest to you.  Without looking, open it to a page.  Without looking, stick your finger on some point on that page.  Now, open your eyes to see what you’ve pointed to.  Whatever it is, take 15-20 minutes to write whatever comes into […]

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