Writers Workshop

MidLifeBloggers Writers Workshop is being revised.

Creating Characters That Live

As a writer, I can’t explain this phenomenon. I know that characters are my imagination, but the moment they come to me, it’s like they’re real and they let me live their lives through words.

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Taking Notes & the MidLifeBloggers Writers Workshop

The MidLifeBloggers Writers Workshop, which is starting this Monday, is going to take place almost wholly on Google Drive. I like to think of Google Drive as our private meeting room, a lounge of sorts, that we can go to wherever and whenever we please.

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Syllabus & Specifics: MidLifeBloggers Writers Workshop

I’ve deliberately structured the Workshop so that it is fluid enough to meet the needs of a variety of writers of all stages and genres, because I know that good writing is good writing, no matter the genre. That fluidity will also enable us to accommodate each other’s time constraints, not to mention different time zones.

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MidLifeBloggers Writers Workshop: Sign Up Now

Writing As Process & The Process of Writing: the philosophical, emotional and practical underpinnings of writing – 9/30 to 12/9/2013

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The MidLifeBloggers Writers Workshop Returns

The simple fact is I know the power that comes from being able to communicate in writing. To commandeer one’s thoughts, to harness one’s emotions, to find the words and the syntax that drives them straight into a reader’s mind: it is, I believe, the ultimate power, far greater than physical prowess or financial.

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