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Spine Surgery 3 Months Later

A friend asked me the other day how I was feeling, and I answered–determined. I will return to the glorious physical self I never was before.

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My New Old Age

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It’s as if I’ve suddenly had to don one of those age simulation suits that researchers use when studying the experience of the elderly.

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My Hair and I: A Truce Is Called

Through the years I have gone to battle with my hair, subjected it and myself to a myriad of treatments that have included ironing with a real iron….

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Workout For Lazy People: The Pool Float Flounder

By Vicki Hughes  of Hell Bent on Happy   I recently spent some very serious lazy-time on my favorite pool float, reading a book and doing my favorite form of exercise, The Pool Float Flounder. This particular float is made in two sections, so when it’s on land you can fold the leg section underneath the […]

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Caring for the MidLife Face

My kids did mention that Mom seemed to have “a glow” and looked less tired and a bit more youthful. It could have been the new dark circle concealer, but I think it might be because the magic serum is making my face swollen and the swelling subsequently filled in the “fine lines”.

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