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A Skin Care Promise Kept: Skin Authority

51102F_VtmnAOne of the side benefits of my trip to the Oaks at Ojai was being introduced to a new skin care line, Skin Authority. You all know what a skin care addict I am,  but with age has also come wisdom: I no longer believe all the benefits that the manufacturers promise. That’s a shame considering that the poreless, smooth complexion I thought would be  mine forever is. Not.

That said, I didn’t have any expectations when I started using the Skin Authority products sent me: the Daily Cleanser, Resurfacing Accelerator and Vitamin A Cell Renewal. In fact, I didn’t begin using them until several months after my Skin Authority Fit & Firm Facial w/AHA. I was in the middle of an Algenist regimen and I wanted to see how that went on its own.

Disappointing is my verdict on the Algenist. Considering how expensive it is and the fact that I saw no real results, I was working on being resigned to the state of my aging skin when I finally tried the Skin Authority products. I followed their brief regimen with little enthusiasm and I spent no time peering into my magnifying mirror to see what wondrous changes were not being wrought. The coach had told me to expect some sloughing or as she called it, “purging the first few days because the Resurfacing Accelerator removes/dissolves several layers of dead skin overnight”, but I had none.

Then one day about a month after I began using Skin Authority, I happened to rest my face on my hand (the thinker’s pose) and–whoa! Is that my skin? When did it get so soft, so almost silky, so moist and firm? A fluke of the weather, maybe? But then I noticed it again and again and I thought–hmmmmm, Skin Authority. Let’s go have a look.

Here’s what I found. I still have the wrinkles; I still have the age spots. What I don’t have are the enlarged pores that I had gained in my mid-60s. As a result, my skin is as close to the poreless, smooth complexion I thought would be  mine forever as I think I shall ever see.

If you want to see what Skin Authority can do for you, they have a full line of products at their website, plus the philosophy behind them which includes coaching with an Esthetics Expert.

Skin Authority sent me the three products for the sole purpose of my trying them and reviewing them. I received no other remuneration. My review is completely based on my own experience.


How I Earned My Wrinkles, by Anne K. Bardsley

bardsley cover“Come on in, sit down. Can I get you a cup of coffee?” I could almost hear Anne Bardsley saying that to me as I read her new book, How I Earned My Wrinkles: Musings on Marriage, Motherhood, and Menopause. In fact, I could swear midway through I could hear her offering to pour me a glass of wine, as well.

Anne explains in the Introduction the source of the many tales she tells about–well, marriage, motherhood, and menopause. She is an inveterate note taker:

I have a library of journals where I jotted down memories and snippets of conversations I wanted to remember. Actually, I’m not really that organized. They aren’t so much journals on a shelf as they are a collection of paper napkins, matchbook covers, and restaurant menus stuffed in a drawer with my scribbled notes and tidbits of memories. Sometimes an idea will come to me and I’ll write it on the back of a supermarket or bank receipt. I now have a vast collection!

Take your choice of tales to read–from”A Weighted Matter,” a discussion of the wisdom of vaginal weight lifting, to “Oh, Those Seven Pounds,” about her granddaughter’s birth, to “Two Old Gals Gone Wild,” which tells of the Virgin Islands getaway she took with her oldest friend. There are over fifty (!) chapters to choose from, on every topic imaginable in the world of a midlife woman.

I read my copy on Kindle, but you can buy How I Earned My Wrinkles in paperback as well. If you’re an Erma Bombeck fan, you’ll certainly recognize Anne Bardsley as a kindred soul.

What We Do For Bikini Season: Stuck

The funniest person I know is my friend, Jessica Bern, of BernThis. She’s not just chuckle ha-ha funny; she is the real deal: a standup comedian and actress who now has a production company Two Funny Brains, producing female-centric videos. Stuck, starring Christine Lakin, is part of the “Female Moments” series: “Every .0000013 seconds there is a female, somewhere in the world, having a moment.”

A word of warning: whenever I’m around Jessica, I always make sure my bladder is empty. You will probably want to do so as well before you watch.