Writing Jobs That Pay–and some that don’t

It’s Wednesday.  I bet you’re wondering: where’s that whatchamacallit Writer’s Workshop thingie?  S’not here.  Maybe t’won’t be ever again.  This website is iterating (new cool word I read all about here in the New York Times) and part of our iteration is to STOP PASSING OURSELVES OFF AS SO DAMNED SERIOUS.  Seriously.

I thought about changing the Writer’s Workshop to a Wednesday JobSearch Workshop, wherein I would share my growing expertise at looking for gainful employment.  Here’s some of what I’ve learned so far:

  1. Media Bistro:   For those of you who are looking for writer/editor/media type jobs.  Particularly if you live in New York.  Especially if you live in the Five Boroughs.  For those of us in the rest of the country?  Not so much.
  2. Elance:   For the intrepid freelancers among us.  Freelance anything, that is.  You bid on jobs offered and maybe you win the bid and get to do the job and then get paid what you asked for.  I wouldn’t know because I haven’t won one yet.  But then, I’m still figuring the site out, as I am…
  3. FreelanceConnect I bid on the one job I saw listed, but never heard anything back.  Are there more jobs on this site?  Will I ever hear back from anyone?  Does Jesus love me?

Then there are the sites that suck your writerly guts out for very little money, if that:

  1. Demand is very high on the list.  In fact, Demand may be at the top of the list.
  2. No, Examiner.com is.

If it’s your dream to be published anywhere, if you are desperately in need of “published” writing examples (those samples of your work known in better times as ‘tear sheets’), go to Demand where you can earn $7-15 for writing several hundred words about replacing the whatsit on a circa 1962 motorbike.  If you don’t need any actual money but do want to practice your SEO skills, sign on with Examiner.com.

If  you actually have something to say and care about saying it well to a literate audience, albeit for no money, the following sites may accept your work (or may not, depending on how the wind is blowing that day)

  1. Open Salon This is the community version of the venerable Salon.  Get a gig on this site, and you’ll be in some good company.
  2. Huffington Post:  Yes, that Huffington Post
  3. Check the website of your favorite magazine.  I bet they’re trolling for writers, even if they won’t really come out and say it.

The  state of the print publishing world is wretched only for those over-entrenched in its hierarchy.  Like the editors.  For those of us who are the lowly writer minions, it’s not so bad.  All those gasping publications are rushing to get an on-line presence (hear this in stentorian tones) which means that they need us to write for them.  For free, yes, but still, at a certain point in your career, it might be worth it.

Oh, god, despite myself I have written a post that merits inclusion in the Wednesday Writer’s Workshop.  Damn…


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