Eating Well in Sacramento…

…is no longer an oxymoron.  We are, up here in NoCal, becoming a destination for foodies.  Well, sort of.

Saturday was the SactoMoFo, an orgy of mobile food truck eating held at Fremont Park on 15th and Q.  I wrote about it last week in my Patch article, and did a feature in advance of it.  The organizers were more than efficient in getting the word out because there were HORDES of people standing in line for upwards of TWO HOURS, which just goes to show that sometimes social media creates an event  so successful, that it is a FAIL.

I took my hungry self, blood-sugar plummeting, across the street to Hot Italian Pizza.  I have this to say about pizza: generally, I don’t like it.  Specifically, however,  I love Hot Italian Pizza’s pizza.  It bears as much resemblance to the stuff put out by Dominos et al as your grandmother’s pot roast does to that offered at Denny’s.   The crusts at Hot Italian are thin, hand-stretched, tasty.  The toppings are fresh and flavorful.  I know all this because I spent the time waiting for my pizza watching them being made.  The photo above is a Hipstamatic taken from my perch at the bar.

The spillover from SactoMoFo evidently was great for Hot Italian and other local restaurants; I later heard that their take was 200% up that day.  So who says there’s little interest in a food scene in Sacramento?!  We’ve gone past the stage of Little-Engine-That-Could; we’re now out the gate and started down the track (to mix my metaphors).  I couldn’t be happier.

  • byjane

    Slowly, a little bit at a time, Sacramento is coming into the 21st century. We’ve got a terrific mayor in Kevin Johnson!

  • Joanna Jenkins

    Glad the food trucks helped boost the local restaurant biz too. I’m a food junkie and love trying new stuff. The LA Trucks are hot here with such a huge variety of offerings but I have yet to find one that I’d wait 2 hours to taste.

    Next year, no doubt, the organizers will be prepared and the number of trucks will be huge….. Hopefully.,

    Yeah for a good pizza. jj

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