Politics, Schmolitics–Getting Ready for 2012

The political season is fast approaching.  No, wait! It’s already here.  The talking heads from 2008 are already getting their spots on the “news” (air quotes deliberate) shows.  Who’s up; who’s down.  Who’s in; who’s out?  Will Sarah run? Will Mitt grow into his new improved ‘just folks’ image?   Will the Republicans ever find a candidate they can get behind?  Will the Democrats realize that the real races in 2012 are for Congress?

In 2008 MidLifeBloggers mostly sat out the election season. This time around, we won’t be so reticent.  Therefore, for your edification (not to mention amusement), here are several MidLifeBloggers who write about politics.

If you’re going to be writing about the politics of 2012, let me know.  I’m thinking we need a pundits corner–or some such thing.


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