Wednesday Writers Workshop: Writing Practice with Photography

Have the aliens landed?  Is this a strange, deformed child appearing in our midst?   Or is she some mutant species, like us and yet not?

Here is another view, taken on that same evening when she was first sighted.
Is that evil in her eyes? Are those holes even her eyes?  What can we make of her.  It is a her, isn’t it?  Do we know?  How do we know?

I look at these two photos and my imagination just starts tripping out, complete with eerie music in the background.  I could create an entire story from these photos, and isn’t that what a photo prompt should do?

In reality, they’re photos of my three year old niece, self-portraits taken with one of the wacky effects lenses on my iPad.  But still, aren’t they something to get the imagination going?

What do you see in them?  Do you have any weird photos of your own that are provocative?  Take ten or fifteen or twenty minutes and let the pictures take you where they’re going.

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