Hello, my name is Jane and this is my blog

Blog? This is a blog? I thought it was an occasional rumination or two.

Yes, it’s a blog. Actually, I call it an on-line magazine. But you’re right about that occasional rumination crack. For the longest time (forever, it seems), I managed at best one post ever week to ten days.  I know that because I’ve just gone through the All Posts section on MidLifeBloggers Dashboard and was appalled–yes! appalled!–to see how infrequently I’ve been posting, and how many drafts written by MidLifeBlogger contributors are sitting in the pipeline, just waiting for that magic finger flick on Publish

No more, though. The house is sold. The belongings are in storage. The new house has been found and I can return to the life that suits me best: you, me and this blog/online magazine.

Yes, a lot in my life has changed. Yes, I’ve returned to a place (Los Angeles) and a man (the one I married twentyfour years ago), both deliberate choices because they suit me best. I’m older, wiser, and, truth to tell, happier.

I’m also determined to dig a little deeper. I know that I’m the master of a prose style that can substitute gloss for substance (a Random House editor once told me I wrote “L.A. slick” and he didn’t mean it as a compliment). I want to master instead that tendency of mine to hide behind fancy words. It’s the writing exercise I’m setting for myself.

All of which is to say,

 Welcome back to me and to you and to anyone else who cares to join us.

We are making the most of midlife together–because that’s the only way I know how to do it.


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