Hello, my name is Jane and this is my blog

Blog? This is a blog? I thought it was an occasional rumination or two.

Yes, it’s a blog. Actually, I call it an on-line magazine. But you’re right about that occasional rumination crack. For the longest time (forever, it seems), I managed at best one post ever week to ten days.  I know that because I’ve just gone through the All Posts section on MidLifeBloggers Dashboard and was appalled–yes! appalled!–to see how infrequently I’ve been posting, and how many drafts written by MidLifeBlogger contributors are sitting in the pipeline, just waiting for that magic finger flick on Publish

No more, though. The house is sold. The belongings are in storage. The new house has been found and I can return to the life that suits me best: you, me and this blog/online magazine.

Yes, a lot in my life has changed. Yes, I’ve returned to a place (Los Angeles) and a man (the one I married twentyfour years ago), both deliberate choices because they suit me best. I’m older, wiser, and, truth to tell, happier.

I’m also determined to dig a little deeper. I know that I’m the master of a prose style that can substitute gloss for substance (a Random House editor once told me I wrote “L.A. slick” and he didn’t mean it as a compliment). I want to master instead that tendency of mine to hide behind fancy words. It’s the writing exercise I’m setting for myself.

All of which is to say,

 Welcome back to me and to you and to anyone else who cares to join us.

We are making the most of midlife together–because that’s the only way I know how to do it.

  • http://www.morganamorgaine.com/ Morgana Morgaine

    It sounds like a real deepening is going on in your life, Jane. I just wrote a blog called Senza Trucco (trucho) which means “without makeup”. A delightful Italian turn of phrase referring to midlife women (any women actually) without pretense, women who are “what you see is what you get”–bare-faced! I love it. It says it all and I congratulate you on going “senza trucco”! Cheers. Morgana Morgaine

    • Jane Gassner

      Morgana, I love the phrase senza trucco. Can you send me that link to that post so I can read it.

      • http://www.morganamorgaine.com/ Morgana Morgaine

        Jane, did you get the link I sent you to Senza Trucco? Can’t tell if it registered here!

  • Pam

    We’ll miss you in Elk Grove! Take care!

  • Joanna Jenkins

    It will be great to be off the I5 schlepp but don’t forget the 405 is still a mess.
    Glad to hear you’re back in LA and getting back into blogging. When the dust settles and you’re unpacked please give me a holler. I’d love to celebrate your return over coffee of lunch.

  • Caryn/The Mid Life Guru

    Watch out–Jane is back!!

  • Kim Prince

    I like your fancy words.

  • http://twitter.com/GrownandFlown Grown and Flown

    Jane, such profound changes in your life give you a free pass for as long as you need! But, so glad you are back to writing and looking forward to your reflections from LA, be they slick or otherwise.

  • Priska

    I am a new reader and look forward to getting to know you.

  • longhollow

    Welcome back!! I can hear the happiness in your words, and I’m happy for you!!

  • Chris

    She’s Back! Can’t wait…

  • SharonGreenthal

    So glad you’re back and settling in! Now that you are in LA, we must get together.

  • Walker Thornton

    Welcome back to the life of blogging.. so glad to hear you’re settled in and back at it. Looking forward to the next step for you.

  • http://twitter.com/LynneSpreen Lynne Spreen

    Doesn’t it seem that a weekly post is like having your own newspaper column? (and a blog is like your own newspaper!) A joy and a responsibility, both. http://anyshinything.com/2012/10/26/stop-blogging-now/

  • Laurie Kennedy

    ‘welcome home Jane. Glad to have you back again. And Super glad that you found a new home to live in in LA. Brava. Will talk to you soon. Love Laurie

  • http://injaynesworld.blogspot.com/ Jayne

    Sounds like wonderful changes are happening for you. Mid-life rocks! The blog and the age. ;)

    • http://midlifebloggers.com janegassner

      Thanks, Jayne. So far, so good!

  • Janie Emaus

    I didn’t know you before, but I’m glad to meet you now and very happy that you’re back.

    • http://midlifebloggers.com janegassner

      I’ve seen your name on the groups that we are nothin and now I’m looking forward to visiting your blog.

  • Going Like Sixty

    i culled my blogroll last night, but you made the cut. Glad to have you back! Can’t wait to hear the story about returning to “a man.”

    • http://midlifebloggers.com janegassner

      Glad I survived the cut! Aren’t you living as an ex-pat somewhere? Or did I dream that?

  • Susan Lee

    Yay! Welcome!

    • http://midlifebloggers.com janegassner

      Soon you an tell me that I person, Susan!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=569617891 Shani Ferguson

    Welcome back!

    • http://midlifebloggers.com janegassner

      Thankee, mam. I’m continuing to enjoy keeping up with your doings on your blog too.

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