Dateline: Los Angeles

This will have to be brief because–well, because I have neither a lot of time or a lot of attention span. Also, the dog is barking and Dennis is sitting on the bed staring out the window. Of our new home, at the Extended Stay America, Los Angeles.

One week ago we pulled away from our former house in Elk Grove and made what I hope will be one of my last drives on the interminable Interstate 5 to Los Angeles. And now we’re here. And we have to find a real place to live. Two-plus bedrooms, one-plus bath with yard and garage.

The deal when we decided to move back together was that I didn’t want to be in the South Bay and Dennis didn’t want to be in West Hollywood. We spent some time driving around Culver City, but that didn’t move us much. Studio City, Burbank, North Hollywood–those areas speak to both of us. So, we’re househunting. It takes all day, it seems. Thus far, we’ve applied for one place, which we probably won’t get, but there are more listings to conquer today and tomorrow and tomorrow.

We’re both glad to be in LA. Even though the news that the lowest gas price in California is in Sacramento was a bit of a blow. Figures, we both said with a sigh. Mostly there seems to be a lot to do, to see, to figure out, to try out since we last lived here seven years ago. I’ve been back from time to time, but this is Dennis’s first return since we left in 2005.

Living in one small room with one large dog (who I describe to landlords as “medium-sized”–well, he isn’t a Great Dane!) is challenging, but we’re doing it very well. Our only complaint has nothing to do with the room. Rather, it’s the fact that we are suffering from PBS-withdrawal. KCET, which used to be the PBS flagship in LA, refused to pay their share of the rent. Thus, LA no longer has PBS programming. I think you can get a signal from an Orange County PBS station, but not here in the Extended Stay America, Los Angeles. Consequently our viewing habits have been sorely altered–no nightly news, no Dr. Martin, no As Time Goes By, no Masterpiece Theatre. Quel domage!

Still, we’re well and happy and hope to return to our regular viewing–and my regular posting on MidLifeBloggers–soon.

  • Joanna Jenkins

    Welcome back to LA! Happy house hunting– I hope it goes fast.

  • Sarah Auerswald

    Jane! Welcome to LA!!!

    And fear not – KOCE turned into PBS SoCal and took over ALL the PBS programming for So Cal. Promise! I watched Dust Bowl on it last night.

  • Walker

    Well, I hope this goes quickly and smoothly. I admit your guts in moving! Good luck.

  • Susan Lee

    Glad you’re here! I highly recommend Burbank. I’ve been there almost seven years and love it. Let me know if you’re in the neighborhood and maybe we can grab coffee.

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