I’m Not Selling My Soul–Just Trying to Keep MidLifeBloggers Going

Does that sound pathetic?  Yes?  Yes, the economy sucks.  Yes, I got reamed and more in the downturn of the past couple of years.  Yes, I’m stuck in a house worth about $150K less than what I paid for it in a neighborhood that is superb for families with small children, but for those of us who are single women of a certain age–not so much.  Yes, I keep applying for jobs, but–sigh, sob!–almost no one replies.  It used to be that I could foray into the job market pretty much assured I’d get something.  Who could resist the articulate, educated, talented person that was moi?  These days, tout le monde.  I refuse to call it ageism, because that just seems too convenient an excuse. Whatever, all of this is to explain the explosion of ads on MidLifeBloggers.

I signed off with BlogHer, whose ads were seeming more than a little politically incorrect and signed on with another network, whose ads are actually for stores and sites that I frequent.  That was the deal I made with myself: I will run multiple ads on MidLifeBloggers, but only for those places and products that I actually use.  It’s a way of saying–hey, I recommend this.  I don’t know if these ads will make any money, but at least I feel as if I have some control.  I’ve also put a donation link to Paypal in the sidebar.  If you’re feeling so inclined, you can, as Jayne Martin puts it, feed the writer.

And finally, I’m working at making my Etsy store a viable place.  You did know I had an Etsy store, didn’t you.  That I make jewelry and sell vintage stuff of all sorts?  Go look; there’s a link in the sidebar.

And finally, finally–this time it’s really finally–expect more of me on MidLifeBloggers.  I’ll still be publishing other writers and artists, but–hey, I’ve missed the quotidian stuff (thanks, Duchess!).

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