I’m Not Selling My Soul–Just Trying to Keep MidLifeBloggers Going

Does that sound pathetic?  Yes?  Yes, the economy sucks.  Yes, I got reamed and more in the downturn of the past couple of years.  Yes, I’m stuck in a house worth about $150K less than what I paid for it in a neighborhood that is superb for families with small children, but for those of us who are single women of a certain age–not so much.  Yes, I keep applying for jobs, but–sigh, sob!–almost no one replies.  It used to be that I could foray into the job market pretty much assured I’d get something.  Who could resist the articulate, educated, talented person that was moi?  These days, tout le monde.  I refuse to call it ageism, because that just seems too convenient an excuse. Whatever, all of this is to explain the explosion of ads on MidLifeBloggers.

I signed off with BlogHer, whose ads were seeming more than a little politically incorrect and signed on with another network, whose ads are actually for stores and sites that I frequent.  That was the deal I made with myself: I will run multiple ads on MidLifeBloggers, but only for those places and products that I actually use.  It’s a way of saying–hey, I recommend this.  I don’t know if these ads will make any money, but at least I feel as if I have some control.  I’ve also put a donation link to Paypal in the sidebar.  If you’re feeling so inclined, you can, as Jayne Martin puts it, feed the writer.

And finally, I’m working at making my Etsy store a viable place.  You did know I had an Etsy store, didn’t you.  That I make jewelry and sell vintage stuff of all sorts?  Go look; there’s a link in the sidebar.

And finally, finally–this time it’s really finally–expect more of me on MidLifeBloggers.  I’ll still be publishing other writers and artists, but–hey, I’ve missed the quotidian stuff (thanks, Duchess!).

Photo credit: emarketinghelper.com

  • http://injaynesworld.blogspot.com injaynesworld

    Thanks for the shout-out, although the link doesn’t work, but I’ve been running into that on some other blogs, too. Gremlins…

    I have made all of $2 off my donate button and am considering some different ads myself. Your jewelry is beautiful. Wish I had some $$ to spend on some bling. Best of luck to you, my friend. We’ll all make it through this time somehow.


    • http://midlifebloggers.com byjane

      Fixed the link. Not gremlins…my bad.

      The only way we can make money, my friend, is from our words. That MUST be our mission.

  • http://barbarashallue.typepad.com Barbara S.

    I’m late getting here because I’ve been busy trying to figure out how to make some money with my blog myself! I’ve been tossing around the tip jar idea for awhile – thank you for going first, you brave woman.
    I’ll be checking in for new ideas! I sure wish I could make jewelry like you do – it’s gorgeous! Good luck with all of this and I’m glad we’ll be seeing more of you here!

  • http://www.greengirlsmarket.com Cheri

    First of all, I love your blog! Keep up the great work informing and inspiring us. I can totally relate to what you’re saying. After being in business for over 30 years, I’m actively putting my hat in the ring to find a job. I thought I had a pretty impressive work history, owning an advertising agency, starting a national direct sales jewelry company and most recently, designing a new line of eco-friendly products. Unfortunately, the economy is moving slower than I had hoped and I just don’t sell enough to make a living, support kids in college and pay for my own health insurance. I have applied for over 40 jobs that I could probably do in my sleep with not one interview. I think between my age and the fact I’ve only worked for myself for the past 30 years has been a big hinderance. Oh well. . .we do what we have to do.

    Don’t worry about the ads, your loyal supporters will understand. Thanks for being there for all of us mid-lifers!

    • http://midlifebloggers.com byjane

      Thank you! It means a lot to hear that MidLifeBloggers serves a function. We’re different from many of the other midlife/boomer sites, and that’s intentional. My goal has always been to create a conversation, rather than a lecture. Our tagline, after all, is “making the most of midlife together.”

      Are you in the same situation I am: wanting a paycheck rather than the rewards of entrepreneurial effort? Basically, I want the Social Security deduction. All those years I was a freelancer, I prided myself of reducing my SS payments. Ha! Guess who never thought she’d get to the place where she’d want SS?!

  • http://awomanspage.com Walker

    I’m up for a little pixie dust if that’s what it takes! I struggle with the ad thing as well, but why not take advantage as many others do. And, the fact that you’re using ads you can ‘justify’ is important.

    I’m in the same financial boat and trying to make the freelance writing gig work. So, I haven’t really had to face the rejection and wonder if was about age…yet.

    • http://midlifebloggers.com byjane

      We can buy pixie dust? Where? How much?

      • http://awomanspage.com Walker

        @byjane, Believe me if I had it, I’d share it. I do have some sparkly fairy dust but somehow it doesn’t do much of anything….

  • http://www.duchessomnium.com DuchessOmnium

    I would like so much more of you on Midlifebloggers… And, if the ads are earning you money, even if they are covering your costs, then why not?

    But if they aren’t paying their way, I think you should rethink, because they are damned ugly and a little irritating. In a rethink, maybe two, or even five, heads are better than one. Midlifebloggers is a great idea. But it might not be a one woman show.

    And yes, I am still a great fan of the quotidian. Viva ByJane.

    • http://midlifebloggers.com byjane

      All heads are welcome.

      • http://www.duchessomnium.com DuchessOmnium

        @byjane, I think I meant something more formal.

        • http://midlifebloggers.com byjane

          I’m open to that as well. What are you thinking?????

  • Shani

    I’d have been even more effusive if I was only saying it because we’re related!

    • http://midlifebloggers.com byjane

      I definitely definitely definitely MISS YOU!

  • http://savortheride.com ridgely johnson

    here’s my letter- you are welcome to copy this, word for word, if this helps
    Congressman Brown,
    I am writing you as a constituent. The Supreme Court recently ruled against the discrimination of individuals based on age. Prior to this, older employees were protected under the Age Discrimination in Employment Act which passed 1967.

    The Supreme Court has ruled age must be the exclusive reason for termination, rather than a mitigating factor. This will open up the gate to employers to subtly fire people with age as a mitigating factor, yet they have found another insignificant reason.

    I urge you, as my Congressman, to correct this by passing the Protecting Older Workers Against Discrimination Act
    (H.R. 3721)

    Sir, we need your support on this, now more than ever.


    Ridgely Johnson
    Dorchester County

  • http://savortheride.com ridgely johnson

    First, Dear Jane, Age Bias does exist- Period.

    The Supreme Court has backed us up since 1967 when the Age Discrimination in Employment Act was passed.

    Recently, pursuant to his termination, a 54 year old employee with excellent work reviews was laid off when a company merger took place.

    All employees over 50 were offered a buyout package. Most accepted the package. He did not. This case made it all the way to the Supreme Court.

    The Supreme Court voted against the discriminated employee 5-4. Now, the justices rule, age must be the exclusive factor, not a mitigating one.

    So what happens now?

    We now look to Congress to pass the Protecting Older Workers Against Discriminating Act (H.R. 3721) to provide the same protection afforded people of color, women and people of different faith.

    Please stop right now and jot off a note to your Congressman telling him we WILL NOT stand for this.

    *much of this information gathered through AARP, which assisted in this case.

    Jane, I hope you did not mind using your blog as venue for this important information.

    Right NOW- write them- go to state website, find out who representative is, and write him/her.

    • http://midlifebloggers.com byjane

      @ridgely johnson,

      Thanks for both comments, especially the one where you included the lette we could all copy and send to our congresspeople. I do know that age discrimination exists. And I know that mitigating factors could exacerbate a situation. My mother–who was in HR–often told this story about the guy who tried to get a job as an announcer at a radio station, “bbut thththey wwwwouldn’t hhhire mmee bbbecause I’m JJJJewish.” I guess I prefer that the mitigating factors are what’s standing in my way than someone’s idea that I’m just too old.

  • http://www.thefiftyfactor.com Joanna Jenkins

    I have no problem with ads– You have a well designed site and these new ads look professional and uncluttered– So go for it, I hope you see good returns. And I’ll click on them too :-)

    I had no idea you had an Etsy store. I’m off to check it out.

    Hang in there Jane!

    • http://midlifebloggers.com byjane

      @Joanna Jenkins,

      I’ve had the Etsy store for ages (I’m always an early adopter, even if I don’t do anything with what I adopt!). Only just now starting to get serious about it. I’ll be adding new things every couple of days…

  • http://www.connectionsforwomen.com Gerry Hogan

    Feel your pain! Genny and I at Connections for Women have close to $80,000 and three years into a wonderfully built website plus , interesting ezine, blog and networking sites – loyal followers and slow but steady growth. We’re a small, elegant fish in a pond full of flashy wannabees. We were doing well (relatively) with google ads for a while and were shut down – google claiming we were forcing click throughs. Beats me and no appeal. Ah well. Know any bright, mid-life go-getter who wants to take Connections to the next level?

    • http://midlifebloggers.com byjane

      @Gerry Hogan,
      And I feel your pain. My idea for MidLifeBloggers was always that I’d sell it to some enterprising company for lots of money. Still looking!

  • http://aroadwithaview.com Jennifer

    Just discovered your Etsy shop the other day. Beautiful things!

    Why does making money have to seem so damn hard?

    • http://midlifebloggers.com byjane

      Would that making money were just a matter of sprinkling pixie dust on something or other. It should be easier, goshdarnit; we’re worth it.

  • http://inventingliz.blogspot.com Liz

    I didn’t know you had an Etsy shop – I will definitely check it out!

    Hope things pick up for you soon.

    • http://midlifebloggers.com byjane


      Thanks, Liz.

  • Shani

    More of you on MidLifeBloggers is a good thing!

    • http://midlifebloggers.com byjane

      Aw, shucks. You’re only saying that because we’re related! But thank you, m’am…

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