If I Should Die Before I Sleep….

This YouTube video was in my email today. I clicked through because, frankly, I thought it was a joke and I’m always up for a laugh. After I watched it, I thought–how did I get one of the Saturday Night Live sketches sent to me? So I asked the sender–and it turns out this is neither a joke, nor an SNL skit. It’s a For Real, to do before you die dot com.

I cannot imagine how old or ill or infirm (or nuts) I’d have to be before I’d sign up for this service. But I’m passing it along because, hey, maybe you feel differently. Too, I’m kinda curious to see how viral it goes and as an active social media groupie, I want to do my thing to help.

It could be there are hoards of people waiting out there to have the last word. Or it could be, only the press will be attracted to this.

Actually, just thinking about having the last word–my imagination goes into overdrive. I can see a screenplay where this furnishes the fodder for the first and second act….


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