What A Sexy Black Corset Can Inspire

by Walker Thornton of  WalkerThornton.com  

That’s my Black Sweetheart Corset you see here. Last month Corset-Story was seeking a midlife woman to try out one of their corsets. Of course I jumped at that offer–a free corset in exchange for a post about my experience?

I agreed to this for a couple of reasons. First of all, what a great conversation opener– talking about modeling a corset at this age. It flies in the face of traditional expectations of women our age.  I’m tickled at the idea of playing the role called for by such a sexy piece of lingerie. And, why not? It’s a fairly modest piece; a traditional corset that I could wear with jeans or a short black skirt if I had the right venue and an extra dose of daring.

The corset I chose is an acrylic-boned corset with ribbon lacing and steel closures. It has a pretty lace edge across the seductively fashioned neckline with silky black ribbons at the center.  I sent in my measurements and they picked the appropriate size (this is a British company, so the sizing is different).  The lacing allows for adjustments, showing more or less of your back as needed.

That’s the nuts and bolts of my corset experience. Size, detailing and getting the adjustments right so I could wear it around with ease.

The sensuous appeal of a corset outranks most other pieces of lingerie older women are likely to consider. It has a deliciously naughty quality. Just telling my occasional playmate about the corset was enough to get his blood stirring. He actually started counting the days for my package to arrive.

Now that the corset has arrived, I am still excited but I have to admit that the thought of baring my body in this brings up a little trepidation. I’m ‘testing’ it out this week. Will he find me attractive in it–or see the older woman I see in the mirror?

I tried it on again this evening to adjust the lace-up ribbons in the back. I was stunned. My hair was down and a little wavier than usual and I wore delicate lace black panties with the corset. I think I look fabulous. Stunning as a 58 year old. The hell with what anyone else thinks.

The Morning After

“What will this black corset inspire?” That was one of the questions I asked myself yesterday afternoon as I was getting ready for my corset session. I felt a mixture of trepidation and excitement as I got ready. On one level I knew I could carry this off but I also felt those old fears arising. You know the ones–the messages we get as women about being youthful and skinny.  Was I too old to carry this off? Would I measure up to his expectations? Or would I feel silly half-naked, wearing heels with a sheer scarf draped around my waist.

The mind-chatter disappeared as I got into my new corset and assumed my ‘persona’. I looked at my image in the mirror for quite a while, taking it all in and acknowledging myself. Confident, strong, sexy, powerful.

I opened the door shortly after 5pm and greeted him with a smile, feeling a little self-conscious under his gaze.  He took one look, kissed me in a perfunctory manner, spun me around and propelled me straight to the bedroom. I modeled, less self-consciously now. Much later in the evening he told me I looked ‘quite fetching’ in my new outfit! It wasn’t so much the words as it was the look on his face and the intensified energy in the room for both of us.

It was a 4-star event. I felt sexy and it showed. The corset, like Cinderella’s ball-gown, gave me a chance to step out of my normal routine (read: good-girl demeanor) and become the sex goddess.

We don’t have to let others dictate our lives as older women. We don’t have to conform to external expectations or settle for a less-than life. We can embrace this time of wisdom, strength and maturity. Embrace our sexuality. I believe that in doing so we ignite our passions, our creativity and our desires.

Writing this review, I’m loving the opportunity to mix pleasure with work….

Footnote: I want to take a second to acknowledge the team at Corset-Story for approaching Jane. And, to Jane for knowing that I would want to take this on. I’m in the middle of a 30-day series on sexuality at A Woman’s Page, so the timing was perfect. Older women are often seen as ‘too old’ for sex, leaving us out of the picture when it comes to educational materials, advertising and sexually-related products. That’s a misconception that we have to break by embracing and speaking comfortably about sexual matters.



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