E-Greeting Cards: Welcome to the 21st Century

Blue Mountain Valentine's adWhen it comes to remembering my nearest and dearest on special occasions, my heart is in the right place. My follow-through, unfortunately, is dawdling somewhere else.

This means that I always know when there’s a birthday or anniversary on the horizon that I should honor, and I always intend to honor it with the appropriate card or gift. Really, I mean to–but somehow the deed escapes me.

A couple of years ago, I determined I would send birthday cards to my nieces, nephews and granddaughter. There aren’t that many of them, nine in all, but their birthdays pretty much come splat at the same time: October, November, December (what does that say about their parents?) Still, in 2011, I hit every birthday in time–but the stress, the tension (oy!) was overwhelming and I abandoned the practice in 2012.

Birthday cards to my friends are truly hit and miss. Again, the parents were up to something strange, but four of my closest friends over the years have been born February 13, 14 or 15.  Another one’s birthday is Halloween. Do I remember them? You bet. Do they always get cards from me? No way.

And then there’s Valentine’s Day and Christmas. For the former, my greatest involvement was the elaborate crepe paper-decorated box of my own design that I created for my home rooms. Once I got past that stage, the hearts and flowers holiday never meant as much. As for Christmas/Chanukah/WinterWonderland–I always buy the cards well in advance; I almost always send them well after.

As with most such things where my natural self is at odds with the way I believe I should be, I have come to accept a burden of guilt in this regard. If I could wave a magic wand over myself, I would abandon the guilt. Or, I might be able to solve the whole issue with e-cards.

They’ve been around for a while, I know, and I’ve used them on occasion before, but never with the gleeful abandon as when Blue Mountain gave me a trial membership so I could review their service. I didn’t have it in time for Christmas cards, but it’s here now–in time for Valentine’s Day and the four big birthdays, and I have been using it with abandon.BlueMountain.com form

This screen shot of the form shows how incredibly easy it is to (a) send immediately; (b) send at a future date; (c) get a reminder nudge every year.

Blue Mountain has cards for every occasion and cards for every taste: some talk, some play songs and some let you write the dialogue and choose the voiceover. There’s also an option for sending a gift card or an actual present from Amazon. And for those of you who are saying–how impersonal–there’s an easy option for writing a personal message on every card you send. So it’s not in your handwriting; so what.

I guess there will always be those who are timely and consistent in remembering to send cards and such. For the rest of us, there’s Blue Mountain.

Blue Mountain, a division of American Greetings, gave me a free trial membership for the express purpose of reviewing their service. My response–this post–is wholly independent of their input.





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