Bits & Pieces: Thanks to Some BlogHer’13 Sponsors

Snickers photo from BlogHer13Thank you note etiquette is something I have, in the past, failed at miserably. The first time I was married, the time I received gifts from some 200+ wedding guests, I found the writing of my thank you notes to be tedious beyond compare. My new husband and I were spending our first summer of married life at a summer theatre in Pennsylvania. He was acting, I was designed costumes, the scenery was gorgeous and the last thing I wanted to be doing was sitting inside with my box of notecards engraved with my new name, Mrs. Hamish Patrick, getting writer’s cramp. I regret to tell you that some, maybe most, of those 200+ wedding guests still haven’t received a written thank you from me. And that was in 1968. The second time I was married, there was no engraved stationary, only 6+ wedding gifts and my mother knew from experience what she was up against.  She hounded me day and night until I wrote every one of the six thank you notes.

All of this came to mind the other day when I was trying to figure out the best way to thank the various brands and organizations who feted and fed me when I was in Chicago for BlogHer13. There are some who gave me products to try and I’ll be writing review posts about them. But that will happen over time and I want to let them all know here and now how much I appreciated their efforts on my behalf. So, without further ado, my sincere thanks go to these from the Expo at BlogHer13:

  • Beano, who left heroic sized samples of their various products in my hotel room, knowing how travel does affect one’s digestion
  • Folgers Gourmet, who kept my caffeine high going at the Expo
  • Honestly Good from Lean Cuisine, whose Pomegranate Chicken was superb
  • Kiss imPress, who were appropriately impressed when I made them admire my Kiss Nail Dress pedicure that I did at home
  • Best Buy, where I won a grand Grand Prize
  • WordPress, to whom I am eternally grateful for giving me a voice–and a soft chair to relax on at the Expo
  • Garden Media Group, who put so much thought into their Seeds for Thought
  • Walgreen’s, who not only gave me a cool frame for an Instagram photo plus 20 free Instagram QuickPrints to choose from
  • CLR Cleaners, whose new cure-all for messes I was forced to throw out by the guys at TSA (a big bottle of liquid cleaner–what’s so scary about that?)
  • Snickers who made sure I didn’t blog hungry
  • AARP who hosted one of the few parties I chose to go to and took me to lunch!

This is just a shout-out; you’ll be hearing more from me about most of these good folk in the future.


  • Marci Nault

    I’ve actually thought that one day I want to hire a personal assistant just to handle things like gift giving and thank you cards. I’m horrible at both and actually get a little stressed when it’s in the back of my mind and I know I’m failing at it. LOL

    • janegassner

      I’m slightly better at gift giving IF I buy the whatever when I see it and think “that’s perfect for X.” More often, thought my initial instinct is replaced by one that says–“Naw, I’ll get it when it’s closer to the time.” And then I don’t. Of course.

  • Joanna Jenkins

    Sounds like some nice swag AND good food. One of these years I hope to get the nerve to attend BlogHer (It’s surprisingly intimidating to me!).

    True confession– I’m a thank you note freak and crank ‘em out as fast as I can. My mother loved it but my siblings wanted to strangle me.

    xo jj

    • janegassner

      I shall outsource all my thank you notes to you in the future, Joanna Jenkins. And if your siblings had been smart, they would have hired you to do it for them!

  • Ann Odle

    I feel your pain when it comes to thank you notes–I’m terrible at it myself. Wish I could have joined you (and everyone else I’ve been reading about) at BlogHer13!
    I can’t wait to read some of your reviews too; I’ve seen pictures of the Pomegranate Chicken and can’t wait to try that one myself!

    • janegassner

      Why do I think I saw you at BlogHer13, Ann Odle? I could swear we had several conversations. Or was that somewhere else???

      • Ann Odle

        We did have several nice conversations; but it was in Phoenix at the BBC Business seminar.

  • Vicki Portune Hughes

    :-) we do what we can!

  • Rick Barlow

    Loved the reflection on 1968! Still laughing. Great headline. Clicked it immediately. I really enjoy your blog, and I aspire to creating something equally worthy.

    • janegassner

      Thanks, Rick, that means a lot because I so value your work on G+. Do you have a blog I could read???

  • Penelope J

    A good way to thank all the brands that supported you. Will keep in mind. Same as you, back in the days I gave up halfway through my wedding gift thank you notes. Recently, had an important birthday and again, have failed (so far) to thank everyone who gave me a gift. What’s the hangup?

    • janegassner

      We should pinkie-swear or something. I can’t believe there’s another person who did the same thing. I feel so much better knowing I’m not alone!!!!

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