Bits & Pieces: Thanks to Some BlogHer’13 Sponsors

Snickers photo from BlogHer13Thank you note etiquette is something I have, in the past, failed at miserably. The first time I was married, the time I received gifts from some 200+ wedding guests, I found the writing of my thank you notes to be tedious beyond compare. My new husband and I were spending our first summer of married life at a summer theatre in Pennsylvania. He was acting, I was designed costumes, the scenery was gorgeous and the last thing I wanted to be doing was sitting inside with my box of notecards engraved with my new name, Mrs. Hamish Patrick, getting writer’s cramp. I regret to tell you that some, maybe most, of those 200+ wedding guests still haven’t received a written thank you from me. And that was in 1968. The second time I was married, there was no engraved stationary, only 6+ wedding gifts and my mother knew from experience what she was up against.  She hounded me day and night until I wrote every one of the six thank you notes.

All of this came to mind the other day when I was trying to figure out the best way to thank the various brands and organizations who feted and fed me when I was in Chicago for BlogHer13. There are some who gave me products to try and I’ll be writing review posts about them. But that will happen over time and I want to let them all know here and now how much I appreciated their efforts on my behalf. So, without further ado, my sincere thanks go to these from the Expo at BlogHer13:

  • Beano, who left heroic sized samples of their various products in my hotel room, knowing how travel does affect one’s digestion
  • Folgers Gourmet, who kept my caffeine high going at the Expo
  • Honestly Good from Lean Cuisine, whose Pomegranate Chicken was superb
  • Kiss imPress, who were appropriately impressed when I made them admire my Kiss Nail Dress pedicure that I did at home
  • Best Buy, where I won a grand Grand Prize
  • WordPress, to whom I am eternally grateful for giving me a voice–and a soft chair to relax on at the Expo
  • Garden Media Group, who put so much thought into their Seeds for Thought
  • Walgreen’s, who not only gave me a cool frame for an Instagram photo plus 20 free Instagram QuickPrints to choose from
  • CLR Cleaners, whose new cure-all for messes I was forced to throw out by the guys at TSA (a big bottle of liquid cleaner–what’s so scary about that?)
  • Snickers who made sure I didn’t blog hungry
  • AARP who hosted one of the few parties I chose to go to and took me to lunch!

This is just a shout-out; you’ll be hearing more from me about most of these good folk in the future.



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