So I didn’t …well, kinda….but not yet…

My manager is nothing if not empathetic, sympathetic and a master of making one feel “heard.”  And well she should be, given her profession.  I find her easy to talk to, sorta like a friend, and I unloaded on her my frustration, some of which had to do with her.  She took it.  The bottom line seems to be this:  I’m good at what I do and I really enjoy doing it, even the record-writing.  But we have to bill 300+ minutes a day, and I’m barely doing half that.  And I’m working straight through the day, no lunch, no bs-ing.  So where is the billable time going?  I’ve decided to give it another month–which will bring my time up to 6 months–and keep fastidious time-keeping–including that 10 minute pee break (because our restroom is out of commission again and it takes twice as long to go to the one around the corner).

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