The Louise Log: A Filmmaker’s Career is Reborn on the Internet

Anne Flournoy is a filmmaker whose first feature, How To Be Louise, was in competition at Sundance and Berlin.  After seventeen years of rewriting the script for her second feature (oh, and by the way, raising kids, etc etc etc), she decided to go another route and try short videos.  What she came up with is The Louise Log, which is now in its second season.

She wrote of her move from film to video in an essay called “How the Internet Revamped My Filmmaking Career” for Internet Evolution.  Here are the first paragraphs of that:

“Once upon a time in the 1980s, I made 16mm short films. My first film, Louise Smells a Rat, was made from recutting snippets of other peoples’ films and borrowing a song. The total budget, just over $1,000, went to lab fees.

In those days, I’d finish a film, put it in a “jiffy” bag, and send it off to a film festival. This was how you got noticed, and if you were really lucky, got some press. The brass ring, never assured, was a distribution deal with a major company.

Today, thanks to the Internet, I’ve short-circuited this process — and transformed my work and my life.”

And here is an episode from The Louise Log:


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