What I Would Like–But Probably Won’t Get

  • I would like to have a full-time maid to clean up after me.  Or a mother.  Or at least a wife.  Someone to intuit when I no longer want something and throw it out for me.  Or tell me I shouldn’t keep it and throw it out for me.  Or whine about how messy I am but throw it out for me.
  • I would like the box boys at my local supermarket to stop trying to engage me in conversation as they wheel my purchases to my car.  I understand that they’ve been taught to be friendly to customers, but having a 16 year old whose voice hasn’t quite changed yet chirp at me, “So, got anything good on for this evening?” is mind-bogglingly inappropriate.
  • I would like Rick Perry to stop smiling with so many teeth–how many teeth does he have anyway?
  • I would like Mitch McConnell to take Andy Rooney’s place.  And I wasn’t even that fond of Andy Rooney.  But Mitch McConnell? He is all ten fingernails screeching down the blackboard.
  • I would like to be in a better mood tomorrow.

Now go visit taradharma.blogspot.com who has taken up the MLBNaBloPoMo challenge with me.  It’s not too late for you to join in.  Just shoot me an email–jane(at)midlifebloggers(dot)com–giving me your url so I can post it for all of us to visit.

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